Tips for tackling homework the easy way

Generally, it has been noticed that kids do well in school if parents are involved in their daily studying routine or if they help kids with their homework.

Tips for tackling homework the easy way

Generally, it has been noticed that kids do well in school if parents are involved in their daily studying routine or if they help kids with their homework. By engaging in their homework, parents send out the message that doing their homework is important and so is studying, says Om Public School.

Parents should not just sit with their kids while they are doing their homework but also show support and organized things for the kids. They can teach the kids organizational skills and help with complex problems. They can support themselves by just encouraging their kids to take frequent breaks. The involvement could be as simple as that. The learning could be mutual; both parents and kids can teach each other something or the other.

The following tips will enable the parents to help their kids:

Get acquainted with the teachers

Know your kid’s teacher well and you will understand what the teacher is looking for by assigning home tasks. This could be done by regularly attending the teachers-parents meeting and participating in school functions. You can directly check with them about their home task policies and how a parent can involve themselves in the same.

Make your child sit in a homework-friendly zone

Ensure your kid is seated in a well-lit area with proper ventilation while doing their homework. Keep the supplies like a pen, pencils, paper, geometry boxes, etc. handy and within their reach.

Fix a regular study time

Fix a regular homework time or a study time. Some children prefer to do their homework in the afternoons while others wish to do it before dinner time. Whatever they choose, just make them choose the same time for doing home tasks every day. Give them play breaks and some outdoor time too, believes Om Public School. Schedule their routine well.   

Help them to chalk out a plan

It’s better to teach your child ways to plan everything. Help them do the same. A plan would be required on the days when the homework is too much and they have to sit through the day and also a bit during the night to complete the assignments. In such a circumstance, having a plan in place will better serve the purpose. They will know when to take breaks and for how long.

Ensure there are no distractions

As a parent, you must ensure that there are no distractions when your kid is doing their homework. Distractions could be in the form of TV, phone calls, or loud music. A distraction-free area will enable them to focus on their work.  

Motivate your kid and keep monitoring

Do regular checks of the assignments, tests, and home tasks of your kid. Encourage them to complete the same on time. On completion, applaud them or reward them with something. Be available for doubt clearing and problem-solving. Also, when the child is busy doing homework, keep a vigil on them. Supervise everything even if you are busy with your work.

Practice what you preach

Always remember that kids follow their parent’s behavior and conduct. They get inspired by what they see at home. Try to set a good example. Practice what you preach. Show them that you read books or newspapers daily, you are wise at managing your work and finances and you never keep your work pending. Be proactive and let your kid experience it in person so that they can follow in your footsteps.

Praise not punish

Employ a positive approach to make the discipline and complete their work on time. Instead of punishing them for not doing their work; reward them or praise them for completing their work, on time! The negative approach will instil fear in them while the positive approach, encourages them to do better.

Look for solutions to the problem

In case your child is facing a consistent problem with their homework, look for solutions instead of blaming the kid. Try to understand the reason behind it. If possible, discuss it with the teacher. Check if the kid is having any vision problems and is not able to see the blackboard. Get their eyes tested. There could also be other learning issues and attention disorders. Try to rectify the problem.

Make the homework time easy and fun for your kid with your involvement!

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