Students-Teacher interaction is imperative for their comprehensive growth

Students must not only interact and intermingle among themselves but also with their teachers who are also their mentors. The personal bond that emerges between students and their teachers as a result of positive advisement and guidance are highly valuable for the students.

Students-Teacher interaction is imperative for their comprehensive growth

Once the students start interacting with their teachers they begin to comprehend and respond to various unspoken, implicit, and nonverbal cues. This enhances their life skills and makes them more sociable, objective, leaders who take ownership, intelligent, and supportive. Teachers who are amiable towards their students gain more respect than others; as they are more approachable because of their warmth and supportive nature. This eases out the hesitation in students to reach out to them for consultation and counselling besides studies

Teacher-student interface is important for many reasons.

  • Good student-teacher interaction influences a student’s confidence and prepares them well for the college, and life.
  • If students have secure relationships with their teachers they are less likely to skip classes or shun school.
  • A supportive teacher makes students independent.  
  • A healthy student-teacher interaction affects the classroom management and enables effective learning and holistic growth of students.
  • A positive student-teacher rapport helps in younger student’s social, cognitive and emotional growth improving their mental well-being.
  • Good relationships among students and teachers impact positively on students’ self-esteem.
  • It is important for the progress of academic performance of students and boosts their enthusiasm leading in success.
  • Schools and colleges that encourage frequent and close contact among students and faculty members benefit a lot from such good initiatives.
  • Teachers must take interest in students’ individual academic progress and make incredible contributions in enhancing their academic development now and professional development later.
  • Studies have revealed that students’ proximity to their teachers makes them feel more content and confident with their school life. Such students aim at being successful in their careers.
  • Although even formal interactions are good for students’ psychological growth informal student-teachers interactions result in students being more motivated and take interest in the learning process always in their life.
  • Informal and friendly interaction among students and teachers has a significant influence on the behaviour, attitudes, and moral values of senior students.
  • Several researches have proved that a healthy student-teacher interaction has the power to positively influence students to work hard, kindle their interest in learning, and motivate them to strive harder towards achieving higher standards of academic performance.
  • Om Public School addresses this important aspect of student’s psychological growth and organizes events and interaction programmes to fill up the gap if any with respect to student-teacher interactions.

Teachers’ Responsibilities for Quality Classrooms

An organized classroom is the key to a congenial environment. Emotional support and instructional support offered by teachers are also vital besides classroom organization. The teachers must also consider the following to ensure they conduct quality classes.  

  • Foster positive climate
  • Resist negative climate of any kind
  • Enhance teacher sensitivity
  • Show regard for student perspectives
  • Good behaviour management
  • Enhanced productivity by students
  • Ensure instructional learning
  • Provide instructional support
  • Boost concept development
  • Offer quality feedback
  • Develop language modelling

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