New advancement in space technology

With Earth in a state of turmoil following the global ravages of the coronavirus pandemic, it’s no wonder that many of us are looking for a future in the stars.

New advancement in space technology

Fortunately against all odds, 2020 was a year of exciting developments in the field of space exploration technologies. From micro rocket launches to manned space transport, the commercial space sector has continued to take big steps forward. At the same time, government space agencies also seemed to find themselves with a reinvigorated sense of purpose. Here are the most exciting developments that took place throughout 2020, paving the way for even more significant breakthroughs in future space travel technologies.

SpaceX Lands Astronauts on the ISS-The boom in the field in the private sector has renewed both the relevance and purpose of NASA in recent years, with space exploration technologies corporations like SpaceX, Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin sharing the heavy lifting and getting more launches than ever off the ground.

Space Technologies Go Global-It’s been a testament to the rise of space exploration technologies’ stock on the global market, in a trend that looks certain to continue into the next decade.

Development on Orion Signals a Return to Lunar Exploration - With the moon back open for business, companies will have the opportunity to train for future voyages into deep space and gain the expertise necessary for long-range space travel.


Shruti Saxena


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