Innovative Farming

Innovative Farming is an open access peer reviewed quarterly international journal, published as an official organ by Society for Advancement of Agricultural Innovations (SAAI), dedicated to explore the original research findings and groundbreaking information about the latest and future scientific work and stimulates the global research activities on all disciplines of Agricultural and Allied sciences.

Innovative Farming


1. Urban Agriculture, Smart Design, and Vertical Farms.

2. The Drones & the Bees.

3. Artificial Intelligence, IoT, and Automation.



The big advantage that urban farming touts is the innovative reimagining and utilization of space. Urban farms might be as humble as your traditional, outdoor community garden. On the other hand, they might be as complex and futuristic as well-regulated, self-contained, environmentally controlled pods that are stacked on top of each other.


Climate change is a massive problem for human beings that, perhaps, hasn’t been fully realized yet — but it’s no secret that we’re on an extremely destructive path.


This software application fully automates a grain cart tractor, which provide farmers much needed assistance during the demanding harvest season, regardless of manufacturer.”



                                                     Suraj Ravindranath Dubey

                                                    (M.Sc. B.Ed. (Mathematics))