How to improve communication skills in students

Communication skills are important for every student. Whether they have to speak in their class or on the stage they must always be prepared to speak with clarity and confidence. However, not all kids are expert at speaking.

How to improve communication skills in students

Some have issues with the thought others have issues with the language but they all have something good in them that needs to be nurtured and honed. 

Om Public School suggests the following ways through which teachers and parents can help the kids improve their communication skills, early on in life.

Teach them empathy

Teach them empathy because when emotions speak, the mind automatically finds words. Kids who show empathy towards others have already developed the right life skills. They have already learnt to communicate even if that means sans the words, through gestures.

Basic conversation skills

Basic conversational dialogues must be taught to every kid. The right way to greet, strike a conversation and bid goodbye. These are not just part of communication skills but also basic etiquettes that every child must learn and follow.

Establish procedures to listen

Make your child also listen. If speaking is important, so is listening. It requires patience and endurance. With regular practice with respect to both speaking and listening, a kid can improve a lot in terms of communication.

Ensure good vocabulary

Be careful about the vocabulary that the kids pick up from their surroundings.
It is important to develop in them a healthy habit of learning at least one new word every day. Make sure the word has a good connotation.

Pausing is equally important

Everyone stresses so much on speaking that the most important part of good speaking is ignored. Pausing is a vital aspect of good speaking. Teach your kids when to take a pause and when to begin speaking. The pause must be such that the kid gets space to catch up on their breath.

Practice with mock ups

Mock up speaking and listening exercises must be conducted. Activities around listening and speaking must be designed. For example, kids can be made to listen to a story patiently. Then questions related to the same can be asked to check if they have the right capacity to listen.

Encourage self-assessment

Teach kids to introspect; be it the situations or their skills. They must know what the situation is and to what extent, will listening or speaking help better the situation. They must be taught tricks and given tips to gauge various types of situations. Activities around the same can be created.

Take turn to speak

Children must be encouraged to speak in groups. Each one must be given a chance to speak. They must be encouraged to wait patiently for their turn and put across the message in the right manner. If parents or teachers are engaging kids in a mock conversation, they must take turns to speak and listen too.

Nothing comes easy in life. We have to toil day in and day out to achieve big things in life. Achieving a big goal in life is a process that involves small achievements completed at various intervals in life. In order to be successful in life kids must be encouraged and taught to speak with clarity and confidence every time they utter something.

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