Gyan Ganga

Gyan Ganga – Where Gyan means “Knowledge” and “Ganga” as we all know that is a famous river.

Gyan Ganga

Here Ganga is a word that denotes the endlessness of healthy and interesting knowledge. During this pandemic most parents and their kids managed their life with a balance in work and school, parents are constantly inventing new ways to keep their little ones busy and productive. They need to ensure that their kids stay busy while they learn something new and not just rely on games, movies and television shows to fill their time. But as we all know “where there is a will there is a way.”

Here I would show my gratitude on the behalf of our younger ones to our Honorable Principal Ma’am, Mrs.Vijeta Sinha, for her vision and mission to give a wonderful idea to learn about actual the actual world outside in an interesting and a practical way. Actually, this is an effort that was beyond the box, where there was no pressure of books and syllabus for kids. It is actually beneficial for our younger ones to see the world in a new way.  

 Gyan Ganga is an important aspect of education too as it helps kids to perceive, analyze and understand the world around them and improve their social and general awareness. It is rewarding in many ways as it enriches the minds of children by improving their analytical and thinking abilities, widening their knowledge base and preparing them for the life ahead. Gyan Ganga helps kids perform well in school examinations, class presentation, oral tests, and they can learn new vocabularies which will in long run  boost their conversational skills by allowing them to speak on a variety of topics with an ease. This raises their confidence level and puts them one step ahead of others.

So, encourage your kids to work hard and not miss the Gyan Ganga session as their teachers wait to open new doors of wisdom with every session!!

Keep learning!!!

Prerna Srivastava