Duniya Dekho

Every second is to be lived and the world is to be seen, felt and experienced!!

Duniya Dekho

“उसकी बनाई  कुदरत  की खूबसूरती को ,

पास से देखना है !!

तो ख़ूबसूरती की पुरानी परिभाषा भूल जाओ,  

होकर शून्य उसमे खो जाओ !!”

We all grow up with watching beautiful scenery on our Television sets and these days on internet and on different shows. There is always a hidden traveller inside us who wants to be on the beaches, hill tops and fly to every corner of the world. We wait for ourselves to grow up and see the world. As we grow each day, we build our plans to roam around the globe, but then suddenly we faced a situation where let alone the world, we were not even supposed to step out of our own four walls.

The physical get togethers, the family meetings, the classrooms, the board rooms, every other possible venue changed from offline to online within a fortnight. We were confined to our homes for our safety. Slowly families, then the whole country started coming together fighting the pandemic stronger.  With time we settled in the newly created online mode of life. Everything seemed fine, with groceries coming home, mobile phones providing entertainment and education, the scenario looked promising. But the traveller inside us lost the reason to live. As a ray of hope, came the idea of Duniya Dekho into the traveller’s life. He was thrilled to have this concept.

The session called Duniya dekho was conducted with the help of various tools like the Google earth, videos from the You Tube as well as the power point presentations loaded up with information about places. The idea was to visit an area/place/ country with the help of the powerful tool like google earth, see the places on our screens as if we are really standing over there. The videos and Presentation are the additions which increase the knowledge content as well as provide information about the place being visited.

The session started with a trip to children’s favourite destination “Disney Land” in California.  This trip was followed by numerous such fantastic trips like seeing the wonders of the world, visiting some beautiful nations with historic importance. In this academic year, KYC series was introduced. KYC stands for Know Your Country, where the students will gather more and more information about our own motherland. This series also helped the students to visit the north eastern part of our country and the important check points on our border like “Nathu La Pass”. The session also aimed at providing the basic knowledge to students about the continents, oceans, the countries and the states that exist so that they have a clear concept as well.

The highlights of the session was the priceless reaction of children on seeing the statue of “Walt Disney” or “The Christ the Redeemer”. They were amazed to see the Roman colosseum and ecstatic to watch River Yamuna flow behind the magnificent Taj Mahal. Their expressions and excitement made every session a fruitful and a satisfying one.

I would like to take this session as wonderful gift of the pandemic times where we could travel digitally, a concept unimagined yet very advent. It was out of the world experience to connect the students with some amazing places and to plant the seeds of wanderlust in those little minds!