Artificial Intelligence

If we go by Darwin’s theory of evolution, we can understand human’s progress in using machines right from tools made out of stones to a wheel then cart and so on till today’s digital world.

Artificial Intelligence

At the start of this millennium many people had fear in their minds about computers taking over jobs of human beings and in turn lesser employment. But today in 21st year of 21st century we need not tell anyone about importance of computer in one’s life. So, humans have evolved from stone world to digital world.

But scientists always live in future; they sense tomorrow’s needs. So, they started working on how we can make a computer have feelings, emotions and thus an INTELLIGENCE. Don’t be amused if I tell you that they (Scientists) started working on it in 1956. And today An Artificial Intelligence (AI) has already started taking control of human life.

AI’s objective to power up machines with Reasoning, Problem solving, Knowledge representation, Planning, Learning, Language Processing, Perception, Motion & manipulation, social intelligence and General intelligence.

When we say “to power up machines” one can easily get confused about how it is done. Various media images, like one in this write up, predominantly shows Human figure Robots doing extra ordinary things. But it is not about only such Robots; AI is used in variety of machines and applications to improvise the performance of the job or task at hands.

We can understand this if we take a look at things we are using today like “Google Search” which automatically optimizes your searches, “Virtual Assistants” like Siri and Alexa etc., “Drones”, “Self-Driving Cars”, “Spam Filtering”, Game playing technologies like “Deep Blue for Chess”, “Creating art like poem”, “Proving mathematical theorems”, “Xbox” which provides 3D body-motion interface and many more.

Many of above listed things were not present a decade back and whichever were there, one can just find out their efficiencies and compare them with today. This way you can realize how AI is changing our life with its magical digital touch.

Other than this AI is playing important role now in sectors like manufacturing, production, communication, health care and many more. So, gear up buddies to enter in the world of Artificial Intelligence.