About Us

OM PUBLIC SCHOOL incorporates the comprehensive improvement of understudies by advancing the personal satisfaction. A co-instructive, we set the most astounding measures of scholarly accomplishment, scholarly development, moral mindfulness, conduct, sportsmanship and other great qualities to our understudies.

The school considers authority important and our sympathy toward a character is a state of qualification. Our main goal has never been slender to get ready understudies for school, but instead to give an ordeal which goes long ways past school prerequisites, tending to critical individual parts of development and development. As the years progressed, the method for accomplishing our points have changed, yet the specific adjust of custom and development keep on providing remarkable open doors for meriting understudies from different social, geographic and ethnic foundations. Our unflagging duty to every understudy’s intelligent person, moral and physical development and to the significant assets of personnel, office and region make a school which is bigger than the aggregate of its parts.

OM PUBLIC SCHOOL has confidence in the thought that educators ought to assume an essential part in an understudy life. OM PUBLIC SCHOOL workforce keep up a decent compatibility with the understudies to support the soul and draw out the concealed ability in each understudy. Along these lines, the workforce satisfiesthe vision of OM PUBLIC SCHOOL.

Our Facilities

At Om Public School, we have meticulously assembled the facilities that help nurture the child’s overall development and enable the child to transform his or her potential into laudable achievement. The facilities that will be offered to the child are

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